Your First Visit

crop osteopath examining back of anonymous woman in doctor office


Your first 30 minute visit at Fort Wayne Chiropractic will begin with a review of your health history and an assessment of your areas of concern. Dr. Hough will then conduct a physical examination in which he will learn how your joints, muscles, and nerves are functioning, both individually and together.  The combination of health history and the physical examination will allow Dr. Hough to reach a specific diagnosis.

Examinations are done for every new patient and for established patients who have not been treated for a consecutive six months. 

Your Chiropractic Treatment

Dr. Hough will educate you about what was found during your examination, risks associated with your condition, and his proposed treatment plan. Most conditions can be treated in our office.

Dr. Hough’s unique, hands-on approach primarily uses the diversified chiropractic technique in conjunction with manual therapy, though he understands that each patient’s needs and treatment is specific to the individual and adjusts his methods accordingly.

Follow-up visits with Dr. Hough are 15 minutes.

Personalized Care Recommendations

Before you leave our office, you are likely to receive a plan for taking care of your condition outside of the treatment room.  This may include advice on postural correction, exercises and stretches, sleeping position or other wellness techniques.

If Dr. Hough believes you could benefit from a more specialized examination or that your condition is serious, you will be referred to the appropriate healthcare professional.