Your First Visit

Fort Wayne Chiropractic Welcomes You



Your examination at Fort Wayne Chiropractic will begin with Dr. Hough taking your case history and conducting a physical examination.  Dr. Hough will provide a careful chiropractic structural examination, paying close attention to your spine.

Through the physical examination, Dr. Hough will learn your joints, muscles, and nerves are functioning, both individually and together.  The combination of the history and examination will allow Dr. Hough to reach a specific diagnosis.

Examinations are done for every new patient.  Insurance companies consider a new patient as someone who has never been treated or a patient who has not been treated within a consecutive 3-year period by Dr. Hough.   For established patients, examinations are done when a new injury occurs, when discharged from care, and for periodic re-evaluation.  A periodic re-evaluation examination is done if a patient has not been treated for a consecutive 6 months.


Your Chiropractic Treatment

Your treatment starts with Dr. Hough educating you about what was found in your examination and explaining a treatment plan.  Risks associated with your condition and proposed treatment also will be discussed.

If Dr. Hough believes you could benefit from a more specialized examination or that your condition is serious or requires surgery, you will be referred to the appropriate healthcare professional.

Most patients’ conditions can be treated in our office.  Treatment techniques performed can include adjustment of your spine and non-spine.  A non-spine manipulation is any manipulation to the following areas: head/jaw, upper and lower extremities, rib cage, and abdomen.  Dr. Hough may also use a manual therapy technique.  Manual therapy techniques consist of, but are not limited to: connective tissue massage, joint mobilization, manual traction, passive range of motion, soft tissue mobilization and manipulation, and therapeutic massage.


Personalized Care Recommendations

Before you leave the chiropractor’s office, you are likely to receive a plan for taking care of your condition outside of our office.  Each treatment plan is individualized according to patient needs.  Most treatment plans are for 4 week increments.  The exception to this would be if you require less than 4 weeks of care.  Your plan may include advice on postural correction, exercises and stretches, sleeping position or other wellness techniques.   Your treatment plan may also include follow-up visits to Dr. Hough, typically lasting 15 minutes.