Services Offered

Fort Wayne Chiropractic takes pride in providing excellent, quality care to every patient to ensure they receive the best care possible.  We offer a variety of modalities and services in order for you to customize your path to healing.



Dr. Hough’s approach primarily uses the Diversified Chiropractic Technique in conjunction with manual therapy, though he understands that each patient’s needs and treatment is specific to the individual. His services have benefited patients ranging from infancy to geriatric, including all stages of pregnancy, sports injuries, and acute or chronic conditions. His years of training and expertise continue to help his patients obtain relief from joint and muscular pain, headaches, vertigo, and other conditions originating from the spine, and more. He also offers maintenance care to prevent injuries and maintain holistic balance and wellness.

Your first 30-minute visit includes an examination and consultation along with your adjustment. Every appointment thereafter will be 15 minutes.


Massage Therapy

If beneficial to specific conditions, Dr. Hough may refer his patients to receive massage therapy from our licensed massage therapists. Therapeutic massage has proven to be an effective treatment for pain and muscle tension, chronic and acute conditions, and, of course, stress relief. Massage can lower blood pressure, increase blood circulation and lymph flow while improving rage of motion and increasing endorphins. Our skilled therapists offers deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, prenatal and postnatal massage, and Swedish massage.


Acoustic Pressure Wave Therapy

Acoustic Pressure Wave Therapy (APWT) is a non-invasive therapy that can relieve a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions all over the body. APWT is an extracorporeal (outside of the body) treatment that uses focused shock wave energy to accelerate the body’s natural healing processes. This therapy is recommended for acute and chronic pain as well as pain that significantly impairs mobility and quality of life to include ares in the neck, shoulder, back, upper and lower extremities (i.e. feet, ankles, wrists, etc.), and myofascial trigger points. Heal faster and easier with this innovative, non-invasive therapy!

This device is FDA-approved to treat plantar fasciitis and can also treat other conditions including but not limited to:

  • Achilles tendinitis
  • Tennis or Golfer’s elbow
  • Rotator cuff tendinitis
  • Shin splints
  • Jumper’s knee
  • Other chronic tendinopathies

Your first 30-minute visit consists of a consultation and your first APWT treatment. Dr. Hough may recommend a plan of action to achieve the most effect results. Every appointment thereafter will be 15 minutes per treatment area.

You can find pricing for all services offered at Fort Wayne Chiropractic here.


ED Clinics of Indiana

The Fort Wayne Chiropractic office is also the current home of ED Clinics of Indiana, founded by Dr. Gregory Hough. ED Clinics of Indiana is leading the way in treatment for erectile dysfunction throughout northern Indiana. With this alternative treatment, there are no expensive prescriptions to take or refill, no shots or anesthesia, and no penile implants or surgery required. This treatment corrects the pathophysiology of the condition using a non-invasive, innovative therapy. If you are interested in treatment for erectile dysfunction, you can find more information here