Payment and Insurance Information

Payment for Services

We recognize the need for a clear understanding between you and our office regarding payment for services.  Charges for chiropractic services depend upon your diagnosis and the terms of your insurance contract.  Co-payments, unmet annual deductibles, and self-pay patient payments must be paid at the time of your visit.  We accept cash, check, Visa, Master Card, and Discover.



If your balance is 4 months past due, a collection notice will be sent.  At 5 months past due, the balance will be turned over to a collection agency.  During either of these times you may not schedule an appointment without first paying off your balance in full.  If you want to make an appointment after your collection balance has been paid in full, you must pay the full time of service discount price for the appointment before being seen by Dr. Hough.  If insurance pays a portion, a refund will be given.


Insurance Changes

Please notify us immediately if there are any changes in your coverage, employer or insurance company.  When a change occurs, we will verify the new coverage and do our best to ensure a smooth transition.  Our front office staff is always available during regular office hours to answer any questions you may have.


Referrals and Pre-Certifications

Your insurance may require a referral from your physician in order for you to see a specialist.  Your insurance may also require pre-certification for chiropractic services.  It is your responsibility to ensure that the insurance referral or pre-certification is in place.  Please be aware of your particular requirements and benefits associated with your policy.