Personal Injury and Chiropractic Care

Areas of “personal injury” usually involve medical conditions arising from three main accident scenarios:

  1. Automobile crash
  2. Accidents occurring in a home, not usually where the patient resides.
  3. Accidents occurring on a business-site not related to work.


Personal Injury Financial Policy

  1. It is the policy that all services rendered are charges directly to you. Ultimately, you are responsible for the payment of all services, including those not reimbursed by third party payers.
  2. The privilege of having Fort Wayne Chiropractic submit your claims begins after you have provided us with complete and accurate insurance information.
  3. This office does not promise that any insurance will reimburse you for the usual and customary charges submitted by this office, nor will we enter into any dispute with an insurance company over the amount of reimbursement.
  4. Our office will comply with attorney or insurance requests to furnish any medical records or reports of your conditions, as long as you sign an authorization form to do so.
  5. If you are waiting for settlement through your attorney or from the insurance company and you still have a balance once you are in receipt of your settlement, Fort Wayne Chiropractic expects the balance to be paid in full immediately. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  6. Once your med-pay limit on your auto insurance policy has been exhausted, you will be required to provide your health insurance or you will be responsible for full payment at the time service is rendered.
  7. Should you discontinue care for any reason other than being discharged by the doctor, any and all balances due will become immediately payable in full, regardless of any claims submitted.
  8. You are responsible for resolving your outstanding balance. A collection letter will be sent after 4 months of no payment.  At 5 months of no payment legal proceedings leading to a collection agency will be filed against you.
  9. It is the goal of this office to provide you with the finest quality chiropractic care available. If you have questions with regard to your health care, or any of our policies, please let us know.